New Year new beginning


              Hi everybody sorry I disappeared suddenly.  I went to my hometown with family n we dont have Internet there. N my phone was acting really weird n not letting me post anything.

               HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone may god give you all the strength success n happiness.

             This year I am gonna complete my resolution no matter what.  And nothing can stop me. Believe me nothing. .

           As I got up today I was soooo excited to start my day I was kinda feeling really  energetic n positivity was just floating all around me. I know the first day of the year brings this amazing kind of energy that a lot of you must be feeling too.

                 I got up had my warm water with lemon n then had my healthy breakfast banana with a cup of milk.

             Then I headed straight for the weighing scale n whooooooo I was shocked guys…. by just incorporating some healthy habits from last fifteen days I have lost 1.5 kg. Earlier I was 64 kg n now 62.5. This made me even more determined towards my weight loss goal. I have to lose atleat 10kg more to get my old body back.
             Tell me about your resolutions n if losing weight is one of them then join me girls. We can discuss different strategies recipes n keep ourselves motivated. 

See ya


Shopping shopping

    Hi everyone
          How was your weekend ? Mine was awesome. Had really nice time with mum n bro. Made grilled chicken. Yummmmmm !!!

         Anyway lets get to the topic. Whenevr we (gals) wanna start anything the first thing that comes in our mind is shopping.  Righttt. Like when we plan to throw a party we start to think which dress to wear , getting all the party stuff, etc.  Same thing is happening with me.  The day I decided my weight loss resolution I started to think about all the things I’ll be needing.  I just lovvv shopping ♥

   I made a list of things that I need to get

1. Digital weighing scale
      The most important of all the things.  The advantage of getting a digital one is that even if small change in weight occurs we get to know and that inspires us n keeps us motivated.

2. A measuring tape
    For the obvious reasons.  To keep a check on our progress. I’ll be measuing once a month not more than that. Cause the inches change takes more time so no need to check that every week.

3. Pair of dumbells
   Very important if we don’t want to make our skin saggy after loosing weight.  It really plays an important role in toning our muscle.  Weight training is as important as cardio exercise.

4. Nice pair of flexible sports shoes
   To avoid any injuries we need a good pair of shoes. It gives the necessary support and comfort to your feet. 

That’s it for today
Let me know if I forgot anything in my list.

Good night everyone , waiting for Christmas eve , just lovvv all the festiv mood


Connecting with my body

              Are you like me who has perfect skin all year round  except winters?  No matter how many times u exfoliate your skin its not smooth enough, feels rough. Vitamin e creams fails to  moisturize your skin. You are tired ofAppling layerrrrs of body butter.


          If yes , I can understand your irritation.  You know winters have always been rude to me. I get severe hairfall, dry patchy skin, sometimes itchy skin the listtt is long

           As I was talking to a dr friend of mine she made me realised that I am failing to incorporate proper nutritious foods n the most shocking  thing that we found was I dont drink enough water. Due to cold weather I am not feeling thirsty so I end up being dehydrated that too with loading cups of hot coffee in my system.
Feeling guilty. 😥
                     I am not consuming nuts which provides essential fatty acids that keeps the skin healthy and glowing. 

                  You know its us who make our bodies suffer n put the blame on everything else except oneself. Whenevr we see any fault in us whether its bulges,  bad skin just sit n think about our habits that might be leading to this faults n change them.


              I am connecting with my body from today. I am not gonna load my stomach with fatty nonsense food n blame it for bulges.  I have made a list of foods that contains biotin that will help me to fight hairfall. Including nuts in my regular diet. I have  installed water applications that will remind me every time & so many other things. Try this , reminder apps really make our life simpler.

             By the way, have you seen Dhoom 3 yet? Let me know

See ya


Weight loss diary day 1-Roar

    Dear diary ,
                      As I discussed my new year resolution with everybody. Some seemed excited n happy. Some of them  also gave me that b**chy smile like

” Yeah…’ll do that”

    But Im gonna ignore them. N my theme of the resoution is gonna my fav katy Perry’s song Roar…… you’re gonna hear me roar….

           There is still 10 -15 days till I start my resolution so I thought I should gather information about losing weight in a healthier manner as much as I can. I don’t want to do crash diet in which I’ll end up looking like a lifeless creature 😀
              My search ended with a book by famous dietician who has helped Kareena Kapoor to achieve zero size. Yes , you are right its Rujuta Diwekar’s  book DONT LOSE


(Excuse me for bad photography:-/)

                I started reading this book last night and it was so interesting that I finished it within two hours. It really made me aware about how we ignore the nutrition factor in day to day life in the process of dieting.  We  are only concerned about how much calories we are consuming rather than the nutritional value of food.
          She has explained really nicely that its not only important to eat right but also to eat at right time. How to recognize one’s portion size.
She has broke different myths.
I would suggest every girl who wants to loose weight to read this book atleast once. Or if you want I’ll review it for you. Let me know. 

One more thing , though I’ve not started my actual dieting but I’ve started to make little changes in my routine. Like regular tea/coffee is out of my diet, green tea will be my friend for life:-)


                    I’ve minimize my intake of sugar to only 1tspn a day that too will be eliminated by the end of this month. So this is it for today. Let me know what are the changes you made today??

See ya

Weight loss drama begins….

Hi everyone
This is my first post of the blog
So I better start with the introduction. Im a student trying to balance my life between studies Relationship n family.
           I’ve always been a slim gal till I completed my graduation.  Then due to sedentary life style or my laziness I started piling on weight.
N within a year I became elephant baby. My Weight has crossed 60 kg.


        & then the frustrated life begins no more fancy clothes, always wearing full sleeve tees n most of the times I was left with the the choice of punjabi dresses ….screammmm.
                  In the beginning I was ignoring this but the turning point came when when my bf’s family said ….. about me (fill in the blanks gals) n also my dad was getting worried that im ruining my health. Hence, finally I decided to do something about my weight. I was missing my skinny jeans like hell n I don’t want to let anybody embarrassing me again.
        Guys this is my 2014 resolution. To lose weight n become fit n healthy.  I know there must be so many gals like me who want to get rid of their weight.  Are you one of them ? So join me in this weight loss journey.  I’ll be posting my diet plans , exercises, healthy recipes n much more…

Happy slimming